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All surplus stocks of the Society Journal are held in house by the Society. Tormark no longer holds any copies of the Journal. Please address all enquiries for copies of the Journal, initially to Graham Thorne, Publications Secretary and Journal Editor, who will arrange for them to be sent to you. We are able to supply copies of the great majority of editions. The following Issues are not currently available, Numbers 6, 9, 12, 18, 20 & 29. The price for copies of the Journal, including postage is £7.00 for issues up to and including Number 33 (2006), and £12.00 for all subsequent issues. There will be a reduction for copies collected from Camborne. For copies of the ‘missing’ years, it is well worth looking at websites such as The Society is always interested in receiving Journals surplus to Members’ requirements. We can supply digital copies of individual articles from Journals Nos. 33 (2006) to 45 (2018). An Index to the Journal, covering Numbers 1 (1973) to 46 (2019) is available in electronic form, with a printed version supplied on demand at a nominal cost. It is updated annually. Graham Thorne, January 2019

Download the index here

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